Stefano Piano - Encyclopedia of Yoga

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Encyclopedia of Yoga         

pp. 417,

ISBN 978-88-8156-177-3


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For the first time in Europe, one book systematically collects together andexplains all the information of use to anyone who practices Yoga or whosimply nurtures an interest in this fundamental discipline of the body and mind.

­– More than 1000 entries

– More than 100 illustrations

­– 300 drawings of âsanas and mudrâs with their variations

– A team of 14 highly specialized contributors, headed by a renowned indologist

– A complete and clear presentation of all the various branches of Yoga (bhakti-yoga, hatha-yoga, jñâna-yoga, karma-yoga, kundalinî-yogamantra-yoga, râja-yoga, etc.)

– Comprehensive and well documented information on the main themes of traditional culture and of the philosophical-religious thought of India.

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